Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CONTEST! Win a Linda Gerber novel!

Time slipped away from me today, a little, and I'm posting in the wee hours of Tuesday morning...but let's all just pretend it's still Monday night, shall we?

Because Monday is the day to announce our next contest! This one's a summer six-pack special.

No, no -- not THAT kind of six pack!

This week I'll be interviewing Aphra Connolly, star of DEATH BY BIKINI, DEATH BY LATTE and DEATH BY DENIM. This girl's got a lot of death in her life!

To celebrate the interview which will take place right HERE tomorrow (actually...today...Tuesday!) let's do something a little different. You may have read some of Aphra's adventures already...or you may have been waiting for this very opportunity to win one of her books. For the purposes of our contest, it doesn't matter a bit.

In order to win, all you have to do is suggest a title for Aphra's next adventure. If you feel like it...give us an idea of what you think she should get up to.

Maybe...DEATH BY TWITTER, where Aphra gets sucked into the evil world of 140-character messages. Or perhaps DEATH BY CHOPSTICKS, where Aphra and her mom solve a mystery in San Francisco's Chinatown.

You pick the title, enter it in the comment section of this posting, or the post of the actual Aphra interview and you'll be entered to win! The prize package this week? A summer six-pack cooler (perfect for toting that Diet Coke down to the beach), a copy of Aphra's latest adventure DEATH BY DENIM , and a copy of my own latest book, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW.

As usual, if you blog or tweet a link to the contest post, we'll put your name in the draw an extra time. More chances to win!

Okay -- I'd better get off to bed so I can be fresh as a daisy for interviewing Aphra tomorrow. And YOU need to be thinking up book titles. Ready? Go!



  1. Death by Flip Flop - a beach mystery

  2. Death by Power Tools - Boring you to death.

  3. Death by Perfume- new perfume, somehow people are dying...

  4. Death by Classical Music. Hm, is that possible?

  5. I have tweeted about the contest! http://twitter.com/StopDropandRead

  6. Death by Dairy - an adventure in Wisconsin :P

  7. I tweeted about the contest http://twitter.com/thebookcellarx

  8. Oh, and blogged about the contest here:

  9. Ha, I love the suggestions, you guys!

  10. Death by Chopsticks lol or maybe Death by the aggies lol i had to throw the aggies in there =) this is awesome love everyones suggestions!

    leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

  11. Death by iPod -- Music addict takes on a new meaning
    (so, I actually like my iPod but so many people just waled around with the earbuds in all day not paying attention to anything they are doing!) =0)
    Thanks for the contest!