Sunday, December 5, 2010

Something to Crow About...

Hi Gang,

Okay, here are the final winners from my massive blog-tour.

So, today, books are going out to: Anne-Marie Petros, via Diana Gabaldon's blog; Joanne Kumar, via Jacqueline Pearce's blog; Lisa DeWolf, via Helene Boudreau's blog; Rory Smith, via Lee Edward Fodi's blog; Claudia Osmond via Mahtab Narsimhan's blog, Karen Bass via Marsha Skrypuch's blog, Kathy H via The Book Pixie's blog;

Folks we haven't heard from yet are Sam from Jan Markley's blog and SaskMom from Deborah Anderson's blog.

Please send your mailing address to
kc dyer at
so she can send you your winnings!

Thanks so much to all these wonderful bloggers for taking me in on my travels!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Mega Blog Tour Winners!

Hey, lots of winners tonight...this Mega-Blog tour has been a bountiful one!

Deep in the land of Een, over Between the Cracks of Here and There, Rory Smith was triumphant! I heard Rory has been feeling under the weather, so hopefully a new book will cheer him up. Congratulations!

And across the mountains and into the beautiful Kootenays, Deb Anderson's Prose Positive winner of Facing Fire is SaskMom!

Way across the country in Toronto, Ontari-ari-ari-o at Mahtab Narsimhin's Moonlight Musings, Claudia Osmond came up triumphant. Way to go, Claudia!

And finally for tonight, across the Rockies and into the one house in Calgary where there are Three Dead Moths in the Mailbox, Jan Markley announces Samantha as the winner. Yay, Sam!

Congrats to all the winners. Your books will be winging their way to you this week!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MOAR Winnaz!

Hey gang -- a few more names to add to the winners list. Lucky you! Copies of  A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW and/or FACING FIRE will be jetting to you shortly, depending on the contest result.

Check out the winning blogs here:
From Marsha Skrypuch's Calla.Com blog, the winner is Karen Willsey Bass.

From Helene Boudreau's blog, Lisa triumphs!

Joanne is the winner on Jacquie Pearce's Wild Ink blog.

Still more winners...and more travel to come in the next little while. Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

In Which I Hit The Road ...and give a few updates

Hola Darby Readers! I'm back on tour, and have a few other tidbits to share.

First -- if you'd like to win a book or two, make sure to check out the lovely Laura Bradbury's blog The Grape Journal.  

This is a shot of Laura and her husband Franck, and their Bevy, consisting of Charlotte, Camille and Clementine.

Additionally, you may want to skip on over to The Book Pixie, who is doing a double book giveaway to celebrate her upcoming 18th birthday.
This is Briana, doing what she does best, supported by the local paper supplier.

Laura lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Briana the Book Pixie is in the beautiful state of Georgia, USA, you can see, I am still on the road!

In the morning, I'll put up a post of some of the winners' names from other stops along my virtual tour. Why not join the many winners and leave a comment on The Grape Journal or The Book Pixie?

And to finish, here's one of the best costumes I've seen recently, featured on boingboing -- Skater Impaled On His Own Board. A little bloodthirsty, perhaps...but still skateboard cool....!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back on Tour -- to the Kootenays!

The blog tour continues...

Leapt across the province -- along with my scribe, kc dyer -- for a chat with writer, uber-mom and extremely cool dude Deb Anderson. Deb's blog, Prose Positive, can always be counted on for an inspirational read. And if you hop on over there RIGHT now, you can leave a comment and win, win, win!

See you there!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Winnahs...!

Holy's like all celebration, all of the time around this joint. I have more winners of FACING FIRE to report. From Helene Boudreau's blog, we have Lisa from New Brunswick. Rachelle Delaney reports Jana from Vancouver is the winner on her site. And Karla from Cape Coral, Florida is the big winner on Linda Grimes' Visiting Reality blog.

Woo HOO! Congrats to all. Books are winging their way to you all.

And to celebrate, here's a little taste of skateboard deck cool for ya...
[Image via George Strombolopolis. Thanks, George!]
These are examples of the art made from broken skate decks, by designer Beto Janz. You can read more at George's blog HERE.

Cool, eh?

More blog tour soon -- see you out there on the internets!



Okay -- after a brief pause to re-tie my laces and tighten my helmet, I'm back on the road again, this time with the names of some of the winners of my books. Let's start with A Novel Woman, who is currently NaNoWriMo'ing her way through November -- she announced Francie as her winner. Over on Tanya Lloyd Kyi's blog, Stacy is the winner. And at Write Here, Write Now, Ev Bishop's blog, we have a double winner-- Deniz Bevin and Laura Best!

So Francie, Stacy, Deniz and Laura -- I'll have my 'people' get your books in the mail today. Congratulations!!!

More winners to come!