Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skateboard Haiku Contest

Okay -- for those of you having trouble finding a way to put the word 'skateboard' into your's an example from an expert.

Jacqueline Pearce is mistress of the haiku. And nothing shows a winning edge like a haiku with a skateboard in let 'er rip, Jacquie!

crushed cherry blossoms
graffiti the skateboard ramp
the scented air calls

Wow. See what I mean?

So -- now it's your turn. Leave your skateboard haiku (and don't forget the seasonal reference!) in the comments section of any of the posts between now and Friday, April 24th. We'll enter your name in the draw for the prize once for every haiku you write (that meets the specs, of course: 17 syllables, 3 lines, 5/7/5 breakdown).

And if you link to this post on your blog, we'll enter your name an extra time in the draw.

The prize? A signed copy of A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. A copy of Jacqueline Pearce's book MANGA TOUCH (she's about to go off on a tour of Japan -- to the very city where her story is set!) AND a selection of chocolate-covered cherries, to celebrate the spring-time.

Awesome prize package -- so get writing your haiku, and spread the word!


Pee Ess... Make sure you check out kc dyer's blog later today. She's getting involved with Operation TBD -- sounds mysterious!


  1. Here's my contribution:

    Perched atop a ramp,
    Hop on your skateboard; push off.
    Wind kisses your face.

    Cheryl S.

  2. When spring comes around
    You'll know life is a skateboard -
    It goes by so fast!

  3. accidents happen
    freestyling on my skateboard
    ouch, it's not Fall yet

    Okay, that was kinda bad...ha!

    nice weather is key
    to tame a skateboard half-pipe
    360 degrees!

    as snow starts to melt
    the air becomes less chilly
    dust off your skateboard

    when May comes around
    some will dance around a pole
    I'd rather skateboard

    as flower buds bloom
    they listen to birds chirping
    while skateboards whiz by

    Okay, since I'm having WAY too much fun with this...

    A kindred spirit!
    I spell "Jacquie" like that too!
    Make the haikus stop...

  4. I will probably write more since I love haikus but for now....

    Sudden rain showers
    come down on the skateboard park
    yet everyone stays

    Skateboard down the street
    sweet aromas fill the air
    Since sping is now here

    Weather gets warmer
    which can mean so many things
    such as skateboarding

    Just a few for now.

  5. Wow -- these are fantastic! Keep them coming!


  6. Here's a few more:

    Metal wheels clacking
    On a wooden skateboard ramp.
    Don't you love that sound?

    Outside of the fence,
    I stand and watch the skateboards
    Flying down the ramp.

    Helmet on your head,
    Knee and elbow pads in place.
    Safe skateboarding fun.

  7. Okay, before I stop having a legit reason to make up fun haiku about skateboards and Spring...

    castles in the sky
    sail past as I skateboard by
    a crisp breeze chills me

    today was perfect
    but tomorrow forecasts snow
    no skateboard for you

    I stop my skateboard
    near sunlight-dappled shadows
    squirrels wander by

  8. The skateboard rolls by
    And its rider does a jump
    And tries not to fall

  9. Did we meet by chance
    or was it our destiny?
    Kick and push for life

    Rafael G.

  10. i like to hug bears
    cos they are cool
    cheers for beers

  11. these are good and i need them for school work too thx

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