Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's NaPoMo -- And No Foolin'

Well, here it is, April first -- spring is supposed to be sproinging, but from all accounts I've heard it's still pretty...well, Canadian out there.

So to take your mind off the snow and wet and about a new contest here at Darby Central?

It's National Poetry Month, and we are going to celebrate with a book give-away each week. The winner will receive a copy of my new book A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, plus a copy of a book of Canadian poetry. (More on that title, later.)

Here's what you have to do to win this week. We're going to start with a subject near and dear to my heart -- skateboarding. Because riding a board is such a phat and phun phenomena, it needs a snappy poetic form. How about a limerick?

Here's one to get you started...

Now, it's your turn. Surely...SURELY you can do better than this...!**

Enter as often as you like -- one limerick at a time.

No illustration required, of course -- it's the poetry that feeds us, man.

We're already doing a draw on Friday, April 3 for CC Humphrey's book, so let's make this draw for next Friday... April 10th, that is. And if you post about this contest on your own blog (or give us a tweet on twitter) and link back to show us where, Maurice and I will throw your name into the hat an extra time.

Okay -- let's do it. Show us your limerick, throw in a skateboard and a new book could be yours!

And I promise we'll elevate the poetic form for the next draw. Maurice is fond of a decent sonnet...


A boarder named Darby was skating
Along Yonge Street when she hit a large grating
Through the air she did fly
In the blink of an eye
Now a body-cast she's contemplating.


  1. There once was a girl named Jack
    Watching some boarders she thought, "That's whack!"
    Try as she might
    She was quite a sight
    When she skated into the wall with a SMACK!!

  2. Hee hee! This is fun! Okay, one more for now...

    I once watched a skateboarding hunk
    Mess up his trick and hit a tree trunk
    He practiced all day
    Till dusk turned the sky grey
    And his neighbour yelled, "Go home, you punk!"

  3. Some would argue, Pissenlit, that these limericks are not poetry. I say they are -- play on!


  4. My son and a skateboard don't mix;
    His wounds too often I fix;
    Bruises, abrasions, and more,
    His poor body abused and sore;
    Yet it's me who needs the Rx.

  5. The kid on my street had a birthday,
    His parents, so wise, thought they,
    Would give him a board
    To get him outdoors
    And now he's got new scars each day.


  6. Skateboarders are so full of grace.
    I thought I would try to replace
    My shoes with a board
    Then I went over a cord
    Then flipped just to land on my face.

    True story. Skateboards and I were never meant to be together.


  7. A skateboard, a helmet, and me,
    Cruising as fast as can be;
    Along sidewalks I pump;
    Over curbs I jump;
    At the top of my lungs shouting, "Wheeee!"

  8. Whoa! We've got some seriously banged-up limericks here -- AWESOME!!!!


  9. Skateboarding is really awesome...
    OH MY GOSH, look out for that opossum!
    Gather up the nerve
    And make a big swerve
    And end up in the creek like flotsam.

  10. You don't know how it feels;
    'Til you've skimmed along on four wheels;
    Rollin' along;
    Singing your song;
    On your board wearing shoes with no heels.

  11. I was in a fender-bender
    When I skateboarded into a hotdog vendor.
    He had right of way
    And now I have to pay
    'Cause now I'm a first offender.

  12. We're having a lot of fun
    Skateboarding out in the sun
    Cruising the street
    Is quite a treat
    And now my limerick is done

  13. I've never written a limerick before but this looks fun so here goes:

    There once was a boy named Dale
    Who went skateboarding out in a gale
    The skateboard went foul
    And brave Dale went "OW!"
    And now there's a used board for sale!