Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cupcakes and Chloe....FTW!

For The Win (ner)... of our Kendra Contest, of course.

But first...Maurice:

With a swish of his tail, he has swept a name out of the hat. And the winner is Cupcake!

Congratulations, Cupcake. Send an email to my scribe: kcdyer at telus dot net with your address and both of Kendra's books will be winging their way to you.

In related news, Cupcake suggested 'Chloe Saunders' as a potential interview subject, and I mentioned I didn't know her name. Well, I do now! I was at the bookstore yesterday, and discovered Kelley Armstrong's new series. Now, it turns out that my scribe happens to know Chloe's for Cupcake's sake, we'll see if we can get an interview happening.

However, prior to that, there will be a slight pause in operations, as my aforementioned scribe (kc dyer...yeah, she's the one) is off on a research jaunt to London, Edinburgh and points north in Scotland for a couple of weeks. I may pop in for a visit while she's gone, just to create a little havoc, but otherwise -- see you in June!


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