Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kendra Kandlestar Interview...and a taste of contemporary Tlingit Art

Getting great feedback from the Kendra Kandlestar interview -- lots of good creatures from Een being suggested, as well as other interview subjects.

I'm very happy to report I have the prize for this week's draw sitting beside me on the desk -- two freshly-signed copies of Kendra's chronicles -- the Box of Whispers and the Door to Unger. Check HERE for rules to enter -- and remember, every time you blog (or tweet!) about this contest, we'll throw your name in the draw an extra time.

In news of a more Darby-related nature (it IS my blog, after all!) I found some amazing images on flickr of book-sculptures by artist Nicholas Galanin, with Tlinglit and Northwest coast-inspired imagery. Amazing! In my story, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, I visit the ancestors of the people of the north, and there is some tlingit language used in the telling of the story. For more on artist Nicholas Galanin, check out his website HERE.

Don't forget to enter the contest -- deadline is this Friday!


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