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Darby Speaks with...Chloe Saunders

Chloe Saunders has a problem. She sees dead people. And they see her back.

So when I had a chance to interview this amazing character from Kelley Armstrong's DARKEST POWERS series...I jumped at it! I mean, come ON! This girl knows her way around a zombie!

Before I introduce Chloe, a reminder that if you leave a comment on today's post, you'll be eligible to win our grand prize package -- a copy of Chloe's first book THE SUMMONING, and a copy of my latest story A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. You can read all about the (very few and easy) rules of the contest HERE. And don't forget to tweet or blog about it for an extra chance to win!

And now, without further ado...please welcome the amazing Chloe!

Darby Christopher: Hey Chloe -- I know you are trying like mad to fit in as a regular high school kid. Have you ever considered taking up skateboarding?

Chloe Saunders: Rae is the skateboarder in our group. I tried it once at one of my new schools, and fell flat on my face. Really didn't help me fit in.

DC: Well, it does take practice, that's for sure. So, my story, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, is all about how different people came to live in Canada. Tell me a little about where you live.

CS: I live in Buffalo, New York. That's where I was born and I've never left. Never stayed in one neighborhood long either, though--Dad likes to keep moving. I like Buffalo well enough, I guess. It's kind of rundown in parts, but people passing through always see just those parts, and it has some really cool spots too.

DC: Hey -- Buffalo, NY is just across Lake Ontario from Toronto, where I live! Cool. So, aside from moving around a lot, what's your family like? Do you have any pets or siblings?

CS: No pets or siblings. I'd like a pet. Not so sure about brothers and sisters. It's just me and my dad, and he's not around that much. His job takes him all over the world, so I'm stuck home with the housekeeper.

DC: That's got to be a bit lonely for you. But I guess you've got other things on your mind! I've read your story and you certainly have a lot going on in your life. What has been the scariest thing you have ever faced so far?

CS: The scariest thing I've faced? Definitely waking up with a zombie crawling over me. I knew I could raise the dead if I was summoning close to a body, but this time I was just dreaming about summoning! Now I'm afraid to go asleep, in case there are any dead animals nearby. Not a power I ever wanted, that's for sure.

DC: Holy crow -- that's amazing! Other than the whole zombie thing, what has been your most favourite, greatest adventure?

CS: Most of my adventures involve narrowly escaping being killed or captured for a science experiment, so they weren't exactly fun. But while it's my greatest adventure, one of my favorites was escaping the lapdog from hell. We were hiding from the Edison Group, and there was this little dog nearby. It smelled Derek--he's a werewolf--and went nuts, and we were afraid it was going to give us away, so I had Liz go in the backyard and toss a stick for the dog. The thing is, Liz is a ghost--a poltergeist. So all Derek could see was this flying stick with the dog chasing it. You should have seen the look on his face! It kept the dog quiet until we could get away, though.

DC: Really, Chloe -- you have the most INTERESTING friends! Do you have a special skill or talent you’d like to share? Especially if it's secret -- spill the beans!

CS: Does a not-so-secret talent for getting into trouble count? My greatest talent is screen-writing. I want to be an action movie writer/director when I grow up. Well, that was my greatest talent, until the whole talk-to-the-dead and raise-the-dead thing started...definitely not talents I want. I'd much rather be writing scary movies than living them!

DC: Me, too. Sometimes my life feels like a scary movie, so I agree with you completely. Who is your favourite fictional character?

CS: In books, it's Hermione from Harry Potter. I'm not that bossy, but I loved the way she could take care of herself (and take care of her friends).

DC: I like Hermione, too. That character was written by J.K. Rowling. I've heard both of your books were written by Kelley Armstrong. Can you tell me something about her?

CS: Kelley is Canadian and much older than me. Things we have in common? We both love to write, though she likes books more than screenplays. And we both stutter, which meant she knew how to write that part about me and how I feel about it. And the high school she went to was called Saunders, which explains my last name!

DC: Kelley's an incredible writer. I've heard she writes for adults and kids -- THAT takes talent! I know you've explored your Darkest Powers in THE SUMMONING and THE AWAKENING. Can you tell me a bit about what's next?

CS: Up next is the last book in the trilogy, THE RECKONING, coming out May 2010, where my story will wrap up (for now) and I'll get a bit of a break. Then Kelley's switching to a new supernatural teen for book 4, which will be about another Edison Group experiment--yep, those guys are into a lot of stuff...none of it good.

DC: Oh, I can't wait to read the next one! If I want to learn more about you on-line, where can I look?

CS: I have my own website I also have a MySpace page ( and a LiveJournal page ( ) though right now my blog has been taken over by Derek, who's telling his story.

DC: Awesome! Lots of places to find you on-line. Thanks for joining me today, Chloe. It's been great to get to know you!

Now, all you Chloe fans out there, don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win! Tell us the name of your favourite character in a Kelley Armstrong book. It can be any book, Chloe's included. Who would you most like to meet -- or be most afraid to run into in a dark alley?

Comments accepted until midnight this Friday, August 7th. Winner to be announced by the faithful Maurice the cat on Saturday!



  1. Hm, I like Paige. :) Chloe gave a very down-to-earth interview, good on her! (I remember that zombie crawling over scene...eurgh!)

  2. I didn't know Chloe had an LJ. That's awesome!

    Great interview :)

  3. This was a truly awesome interview. I have read all of the adult books but haven't gotten around to Chloe yet, though I keep meaning to. I love how Kelley Armstrong seems to have taken the same necromancy-ish talent that Jaime has and done what seems to be such a different take on it. Can't wait to read them!

    Favourite hard. I love so many! Probably Jeremy. (Though Jaime and Paige and Susannah are also all up there.)

    Also, can I make a really quick nitpicky note? The url link to, in Chloe's very last reply to you, is missing an N. Sorry to be a bother, but I figured the url is kind of an important thing:) Otherwise TOTALLY awesome interview. Not only do I love the concept but you executed it perfectly. I keep wanting to say "man, I wonder what the rest of their conversation was like" :)

  4. elena is my favorite character. or paige.
    i do like chloe though, but havent had as much chance to get to know her yet.

    meaghan_koci (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. I would LOVE to meet Clay, personally. He and I share a special bond. :)

  6. My faces have to be Simon and Derek and that whole mysterious thing they've got going on. Can't wait to read the summoning to find out more.

  7. I like Elena because she's so tough but also compassionate.

  8. Great Interview

    I Like All Of Kelley Armstrongs Characters Read All The Otherworld Books Cant Wait Till Frostbitten.
    But If I Had To Pick It Would Be Jamie And Jeremy Because They Are Really Cute Together!!!

    I Also Like Derek In The Trilogy And Cant Wait To Read The Rekoning :)

  9. While I love all the characters for their own personality traits, I guess to be politcally correct or whatever by answering said question I have to say that my fave character so far is Elena. I know not original, since she was our first Otherworld woman we saw. But I grew to like her books! But I do like Cassandra, she is very interesting, although there is no book on her [yet?]. I also like Clay a lot too. While he has his flaws--from book 1--he also has many perks too!

    On the YA front I guess my fave is Derek. Yeah I'm a werewolf girl! I also like vampires a lot too, my friend calls me vampire girl!

  10. Derek is my favorite...he seems like a tough guy but he wants to take care of Simon and Chloe....cant wait for the Reckoning to come out

  11. Derek is by far my favorite. I haven't finished The Summoning yet, but he's soooo cool and so different from all those other YA protagonists we see out there, I really hope he and Chloe can eventually make peace and get together

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    juiceb0xx at hotmail dot com

  12. Hmmm...I like all the characters! Everytime I found out we'd be getting a new narrator, I really wished we wouldn't, but every time, I loved the new narrator and wanted more!

    Right now, I'm hoping for more from Paige. I really liked her books a lot. Also would love more from Clay/Jeremy!

    But I love them all, so I'm sure they'd be great no matter which narrators return.

    I like YA too, but I actually like Simon more than Derek. Everyone seems to love Derek, but I really don't think I'd like him if he really existed...kind of mean! >_< But Simon isn't. <3

  13. I loved this book, but then I really like Kelley Armstrong. I love the Otherworld series, but the YA series is good also. I cannot wait to read the next book. Will it bring the two series closer together??

  14. Am I allowed to say that my favourite is all of them?


    Hm... Okay... How about... My favourite COUPLE from the adult series is Jeremy and Jaime, but that's closely followed by Hope and Karl. I love reading about Clay and Elena best though because they are such a dynamic, not-so lovey-dovey couple. And I can't wait to read more about how parenthood affects their lives!

    I think I would pee myself if I found myself in a dark alley with Clayton or a pissed off Savannah.

    OH! I know! My favourite character on their own would have to be Logan Jonsen and I balled my eyes out when you killed him off IN THE FIRST BOOK!!

  15. My favorite character is Chloe. I love things about necromancer!
    I love the mysterious Derek too. I'm still reading The Summoning and I am loving! *-*

    Posted a link in my twitter:
    htpp:// is my e-mail ;)

  16. Favourite character from the teen books would be Simon. There's a lot of potential to explore in that character.

    I'm from Toronto too! I'll have to take a closer look your book.

    Interesting interview, although I must say that the purple text on black background doesn't really work that well. Perhaps a lighter shade of purple would make it easier to read.

  17. My favorite Kelley Amrstrong character is Eve.

    I really enjoyed this interview. Love Kelley Armstrng's adult books and now her YA books.
    Chloe rocks.

    I also retweeted about this .

    bbricke AT yahoo DOT com

  18. It is extremely difficult to pick a favourite....obviously Elena, but also I love Clay, probably because of how devoted he is to elena and never gives up on her no matter what she does...I keep hoping Derek will go to the Pack!

  19. how do i choose??? .. Hmm... i think if i had to pick a favourite it would be a toss up between ... nope im jus gona have 2 say mi favourite is Eve.. although i completely love Elena and Clay.

    great interview!



  22. Pick one favorite KA character? Now that's a tough one. I adore Eve but she also scares the crap out of me. I wouldn't mind meeting Karl either but somehow I don't think I could compete with Hope. (Sigh...)
    Anyway, it was fun getting to know Chloe at little better.

  23. Hi :)
    Thanks for a fun great interview.
    My fav character is Elena. :)
    She is awesome.
    Clayton would be scary to meet in a dark alley though.

  24. Wow, picking one character from the books is hard. I adore Derek from the Darkest Powers series, and love reading his story on Chloes blog. But I also love when Eve makes an appearance, and the interaction between Hope and Karl... Gah! They're all good characters. It's too hard to choose just one.

  25. I would like to meat and be most afraid of Clay, very interesting charicter there.

  26. Really fun interview... and really interesting.

    My favourite character in Kelley Armstrong books? MMmmm in the Otherworld it´s Elena, I always like her, strong and independent... and in the darkest powers Chloe, I like Derek but Chloe has something... she is strong, brave... she is really interesting

  27. Out of all the kelley books that i have read i am going to have to say Adam, maybe its because we dont know alot about him. or maybe because he is fire, and i always like fire. *inonentsmile* and I love his attuited so i am going to say i would most like to meet Adam.

    I also really like Elena!

  28. Oh Twitter

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  30. I'm completely addicted to Kelley Armstrong!
    I've read The Summoning 5 times and The Awakening 4. I read them cover to cover the first day I got them!

    I've also read all the adult books so many times I've lost count. Bring on Frostbitten!

    I think my fave character from the Adult books is either Lucas or Eve... but they're all so amazing!

    And in the Darkest Powers trilogy.... hmm... probably Derek. Original, I know. I love Tori as well, she's such a b*tch, she's awesome.

    I'm loving this interview, hoping they'll be some more with the other YA characters *hint hint*

  31. My favorite characters are Elena and Clay. I love their interaction. I've tweeted and blogged this contest. Love the way you did the interview.

  32. I love the Darkest Power book series by Kelly Armstrong. If I could meet any character from the books, it would be...Simon or Derek. I love how Derek looks out for Chloe and the gang. He seems to be misunderstood by a lot of people which is why I am glad Simon is there for his brother. Simon is charming and really cares for Derek, even though they are foster brothers =]
    - Latinakiss16

  33. I love all the characters but my 2 favorites are Liz and Chloe. Both are just such cool characters. Though, I wouldn't want to anger Liz. All the characters are great though! I love the books, waiting for The Reckoning is going to be such a long wait!

  34. This interview was great. I love the books so much its hard to pick who I'd like to meet! It would proabaly be Chloe though because she seems to handle situations VERY well! The Reckoning is going to be amazing. Its just to long to wait!

  35. My favorite character is Savannah because not only does she have more power than she knows what to do with, she lost her mother in the most tragic way. Despite all of that she is fighting to have as close to a normal life has possible. She has experiences great loss but still moves forward in the world. If I could meet any of the chracters it would be Elena because she's probably the coolest most layed back person I've ever read about, and if I ran into Karl in a dark alley and he was in a cranky mood, i would run in the other direction.

  36. My favorite character is Chloe, I love that she's a necromancer. I can't wait till The Reckoning comes out, I've been dying to read it. Chloe's power is so cool, but creepy too!

  37. What a great interview - I love Chloe, so anything written in her POV is awesome.

    As for my favourite character, I would have to say Derek. He is so crazy intelligent AND a werewolf - that is one combination I would like to talk to!

    deadbookdarling at gmail dot com

  38. I'd have to say Derek and Jeremy. I seem to have a love of the understanding, dark werewolves :)

  39. Oh yeah and (was my retweet)

    Also: Elizabeth (at) thegarvinfamily (dot) com

  40. Great interview, Chloe! It's exactly how I'd expect her to give an interview *thumbs up*

    As for favorite characters besides Chloe who has def evolved from The Summoning to The Awakening(and really how could she not, given the circumstances)...I'm partial to Derek and Tori and Mrs. Enwright(sp?)is just down right nasty, so she gets a villian vote. Gotta have some love for the antags, afterall. :)

  41. Thanks for the note on the link, Supertailz. Fixed!


  42. I love them all but... I like all the werewolf characters in particular, Elena is awesome but over all it has to be Clayton love the way his mind works always make me laugh :) The prequels with him like Savage are great and love the short story from My Supernatural Honeymoon

  43. This my retweet can work twitter not sure how to work blogger
    RT @kcdyerInterview with @KelleyArmstrong character Chloe Saunders is UP: Comment & win a copy of THE SUMMONING!

  44. My favorites are Elana and Clay hands down!! I've been following them (and Kelley Armstrong) since the beginning and I absolutely love the Otherworld series and Chloe series!!
    Jess S.

  45. I never read this series (really want to!) but I think Tori looks cool! Haha.

    I have tweeted about the contest under stopdropandread!

  46. I haven't actually read the series, which is why I'm entering the contest to get a copy! But judging from the interview, I'd say Chloe sounds really interesting. :)

    Tweeted about the contest:

    Alex (& Lauren) at aflightofminds(at)hotmail(dot)com

  47. i'v read all the books and i hope you make more for there adventures but i'll read the gathering as soon as it comes out.

    My fav character would half to be Derek , i so wish i could be Chloe! :[