Saturday, November 13, 2010

In Which I Hit The Road ...and give a few updates

Hola Darby Readers! I'm back on tour, and have a few other tidbits to share.

First -- if you'd like to win a book or two, make sure to check out the lovely Laura Bradbury's blog The Grape Journal.  

This is a shot of Laura and her husband Franck, and their Bevy, consisting of Charlotte, Camille and Clementine.

Additionally, you may want to skip on over to The Book Pixie, who is doing a double book giveaway to celebrate her upcoming 18th birthday.
This is Briana, doing what she does best, supported by the local paper supplier.

Laura lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Briana the Book Pixie is in the beautiful state of Georgia, USA, you can see, I am still on the road!

In the morning, I'll put up a post of some of the winners' names from other stops along my virtual tour. Why not join the many winners and leave a comment on The Grape Journal or The Book Pixie?

And to finish, here's one of the best costumes I've seen recently, featured on boingboing -- Skater Impaled On His Own Board. A little bloodthirsty, perhaps...but still skateboard cool....!


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  1. I meet Laura two years ago at SiWC and love her blog as well!