Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Winnahs...!

Holy crow...it's like all celebration, all of the time around this joint. I have more winners of FACING FIRE to report. From Helene Boudreau's blog, we have Lisa from New Brunswick. Rachelle Delaney reports Jana from Vancouver is the winner on her site. And Karla from Cape Coral, Florida is the big winner on Linda Grimes' Visiting Reality blog.

Woo HOO! Congrats to all. Books are winging their way to you all.

And to celebrate, here's a little taste of skateboard deck cool for ya...
[Image via George Strombolopolis. Thanks, George!]
These are examples of the art made from broken skate decks, by designer Beto Janz. You can read more at George's blog HERE.

Cool, eh?

More blog tour soon -- see you out there on the internets!


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