Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Secret Author -- Revealed!

Just who is this author, obscured by sun signs? If you've read any books including DISCONNECTED, DANCING NAKED and KAT'S FALL, you may have come across her before.

Let's have a clearer look, okay?

That's better! And as she's holding a copy of DANCING NAKED -- let me introduce Shelley Hrdlitschka!

Darby Christopher: Welcome, Shelley! Thanks for joining me for this interview today. My story A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW is all about how different people came to Canada. Where were you born?

Shelley Hrdlitschka: I was born in Vancouver, and still live in Vancouver! My family claims we have been in Canada for generations, yet sometimes I wonder if maybe some of my distant (and not so distant) relatives are actually aliens, outerspace-type aliens. They can be pretty strange at times....

DC: Hey I can relate to the whole extra-terrestrial element! Hmm. I wonder if aliens ride skateboards. Can you?

SH: I cannot ride a skateboard. I tried rollerblades once, but only once. I am not the most coordinated person I know. Yoga is a good fit for me as it doesn't require wheels so I can't get going too fast.

DC: Yoga sounds quite a bit safer, I have to admit. So beyond wheel-less yoga, do you have any secret or special talents you'd care to share?

SH: My special (and secret) talent ~ tap-dancing! Shh!

DC: You must chat with author Diane Haynes sometime. You two have more in common than just being authors! So if you could tap-dance through a window back in time, would you do it?

SH: I don't think I would ever go through a special window into the past. I'd be way too afraid that I'd never get back! I really really like my creature comforts, like running water, electricity, even public transit. I'm not very adventuresome. I prefer my adventures to be in my imagination.

DC: You know, there's a lot to be said for that. You can't over-rate twenty-first century toilets, either! I'm also pretty fond of modern candy. Red licorice is my favourite. Yours?

SH: My favourite treat is dark chocolate. Creamy, melt-in-your mouth chocolate. Yummm. (I think I'll go get some now.)

DC: Oh -- wow. I think you're right, it feels like the PERFECT time to eat chocolate! I'd really like to read more about you and your books. Where can I find you online?

SH: My soon-to-be updated website can be found at

DC: Thanks, Shelley! I look forward to seeing the updates on your website. And thanks for talking to me today!

Now, if you'd like a chance to win Shelley's wonderful book SUN SIGNS, leave your name in the comments. Do you share Shelley's worry over time-travel? Where would YOU go, if you could walk through a window? Maurice and I will do the draw for the winner next Friday, March 20th.

And I'll see you tomorrow with another mystery author interview!



  1. tap dancing is a great secret talent!

  2. I don't share the fear of getting trapped in the past. I am more afraid that I would unintentionally change the past which would change the future.

  3. I'd love to walk thru the window to the old South before the Civil War...balls and fancy gowns and such.

  4. Oh my gosh, I am a fan of Shelley's! I simply adore Kat's Fall and Gotcha! (which I have a review of in my blog!).

    Hm, I have to agree with Kayla. I'm afraid of causing the whole world to change and it might be something horrid.

  5. After reading Michael Crichton's Timeline, I think I'm going to stay away from any accidental encounters with time travel, thank you very much. Although I agree with you, Shelley, that dark chocolate is fantastic. :)

  6. I've got to say that the whole idea of messing up time forever has got me pretty convinced that staying in the now is a good idea.

  7. Oh! You wrote Sister Wife! I just read it last month and I enjoyed it!

    Time travel would be dangerous unless you look at it with a worldview that includes multiple universes/timelines, no grandfather paradoxes, etc. But if I could, I would travel through time to some ancient place, or to the future if possible.