Friday, March 6, 2009

We have our First Week Winners!

This is Maurice. To find out how to pronounce his name, how he got his name and why this isn't the ACTUAL Maurice, you'll have to head on over and listen to kc dyer's LONG (and apparently funny to only she and her sister, so why bother?) explanation on her blog.

Maurice is here for one reason only. He has brought me the names of the winners of this week's book prizes.

And he even has a SURPRISE Prize under one paw.

More on that, later.

Let's get to the winners, shall we?

Mystery author #1 this week was Jacqueline Pearce. The winner of Jacquie's book DISCOVERING EMILY is....Erika Lynn. Congratulations, Erika!

Mystery author #2 was Tanya Lloyd Kyi. The winner of Tanya's book GREAT CANADIAN GIRLS WHO ROCKED THE WORLD is....Diana Dang. Go Diana!

Mystery author #3 this week was Donald Calame. The winner of and advanced reading copy of Don's new book SWIM THE FLY (plus a limited edition swim cap!) is....Steph Su. Hooray Steph!

Mystery author #4 this week was Linda Gerber. The winner of an advanced reading copy of Linda's new book DEATH BY DENIM (which, I might add, _I_ have not even read yet!) is ...Kayla. Way to go, Kayla!

Now -- remember that SurPrize that Maurice has under his paw? It is a copy of A WALK THROUGH THE WINDOW, the amazing new story by kc dyer, starring MOI, also known as Darby the Magnificent. Apparently kc dyer is feeling generous, because she is also throwing in a copy of her last novel, MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, which is not starring, MOI, but I do have to admit is not a bad read.

And the winner of that special Paw Prize is....ca2ajs. And a very cryptic name that is, too. What shall we call you for short? Ca? CJ? Regardless -- congratulations to you ca2ajs!

Now, lucky winners, to claim your prizes, please email kcdyer at telus dot net (running the whole thing together and replacing the 'at' with an @ and the 'dot' with a .) with your mailing address, and she will send the signed copies of the prizes to you forthwith.

Meaning right away.

Maurice (pronounced Morris -- which you would know if you'd read kc dyer's blog by now) and I, the Magnificent Darby, will be drawing for more prizes NEXT Friday. In between now and then, I will have interviews with seven (count 'em, SEVEN) more astonishing and generous authors, who will be sharing copies of their books for our draw.

So make sure you tune in every day to read the interviews and get a chance to win some amazing books. Just leave a comment on the interview post of the author whose book you'd like to win, and your name will be entered into the draw.

It's that simple!

Today's mystery author -- just in case you need reminding -- was Nikki Tate, and you can still leave your comment on her interview to be eligible to win one of her novels.

Do it -- you'll regret it if you don't!

See you tomorrow.


*photo displayed with thanks, subject to creative commons agreement, shot by SkyWideDesign and displayed on Flickr.


  1. Awwww... lucky winners! Congrats :)

  2. Thanks, Sena! Many more books to be won -- keep trying!