Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mystery Author...Archer... Revealed!

The celebration of the launch of the novel A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW continues today, and I am very excited to introduce this author.

I'm not sure how she feels about skateboards, but her main character does a mean high kick and has some pretty impressive other skills, too, so it would not surprise me.

This New York Times bestselling author has three novels published and the highly anticipated fourth will be coming out this summer. Before she wrote these amazing books, she spent ten years as a showgirl in Las Vegas, so she really knows the city whereof she writes.

These days she's more of a 'message board' person than a blogger, but you can find it all on her website HERE.

Let's see what she looks like behind the archer, shall we?

It's Vicki Pettersson!

Darby Christopher: Thanks so much for joining me today, Vicki! My new book, A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, is all about how different people came to live in Canada. I know you are American. Where were you born?

Vicki Pettersson: I was born in Las Vegas and have yet to escape its gaudy, capitalistic clutches.

DC: What a cool place to grow up. Not literally of course... So, growing up on the glitzy streets of Las Vegas, did you learn to ride a skateboard?

VP: No. Not a skateboard, boogie board, horse … and barely a bike. I seem to be at my best while getting around by my own volition. Even that’s dodgy.

DC: That's okay. Your main character, Joanna Archer, is pretty quick on her feet! So, besides writing books, do you have a secret skill or talent you’d like to share?

VP: No, and thank you for making me ruminate on exactly how talent-less I am! I can’t even bend my tongue into a four-leafed clover…and I just tried. I got nuttin’.

DC: A four-leafed clover is so yesterday, Vicki! Okay, so let's get down to some time travel talk. If you had a chance to walk through a window into the past, where would you go?

VP: I think I’d go back and talk to myself as a teen. The ‘me’ who has learned all the life lessons would school the ‘me’ who hasn’t been there yet on how to get where I want to go, but faster.

Who to avoid, what opportunities to lunge at, but circumventing all the drama of the ambiguous and unknown. Of course, then I’d probably make such rashly different choices that my experiences would quickly outstrip any knowledge I have claim to, sending me down another ambiguous path altogether. So that’s a fun exercise too. Not.

DC: Yeah, I always wonder about that 'going back and irrevocably changing the future' issue. Personally, I try not to think about it too much. So is there anyone special you’d like to meet?

VP: I think it would be fun to meet “famous” people before they’re famous. While they’re still raw and forming. Wouldn’t to be cool to just run into Barack Obama at a cafe and chat about some possible future political aspirations? I’ve an insatiable desire to figure out what makes people tick — not what they do, but why they do it - so that’s my kind of voyeurism.

DC: You're right -- that would be SO cool. And sometimes it's hard to remember that every famous person was a kid once, making mistakes and falling down. But back to the present. Can you tell me a bit about your latest project?

VP: CITY OF SOULS, the fourth book in my Signs of the Zodiac series comes out in July. My protagonist, Joanna, doesn’t just enter a new fray in the battle between Shadow and Light, but a new world entirely, one hidden from mortal sight. I hadn’t done this kind of worldbuilding since starting the series, and it was exciting to see where my imagination led. I hope readers think so as well.

DC: Oh, man -- that sounds so cool. I can't wait to read it! So, after a long day of writing, what's your favourite treat to have? Mine is red licorice.

VP: I’ll tell you when you’re of legal drinking age.

DC: Okay, okay, I've heard that before. If I want to learn more about you or your books on-line, where can I go check you out?

VP: My website is the best place to indulge in All Things Zodiac:

If you want to talk with me and other readers about the series, though, I hang out on my message board quite a bit. The link can also be found on my site. Thanks for asking!

DC: It's been great talking to you, Vicki. Thanks for coming along to join the fun. And enjoy your own book launch in a couple of months!

If you'd like to win a copy of one of Vicki Pettersson's books, leave your name in the comment section. What is YOUR sign of the Zodiac?

We'll do the draw for one of Vicki's books this Friday, March 20th after 8 pm. Get your name in soon!



  1. I am a scorpio and have all the moody, passionate, intense characteristics that go with it

  2. Ah. I admit, I had to look at other people's comments to see what you meant by Zodiac. Oops! Mine is Pisces. Unfortunately I don't remember what that entails.

    And Vicki is so beautiful!

  3. I'm a Pisces. Always near or in the water.

  4. I'm a Libra and rarely see any Libras around!

  5. Your books sound so awesome! I love stories like that. By the way, I'm a Taurus.

  6. gemini . i totally adore ur books i read them like over and over again they r an inspiration to me !!